Result Oriented Marketing

Create Great Customer Engagement

Ever wondered that why your business needs a social media presence? The single most convincing reason is that your potential customers are there-, your competitors are there so in order to boost your business you need to stay in contact with your customers. A study has revealed that 66% of marketers that spend at least 6 hours on social media per week receives more leads. The impact of social media is huge on our daily lives. The number of active users on social media are huge. In some countries such as China the life without some of social media apps can’t be even imagined as it caters everything which a common person needs such as from connecting with people, to order taking and payment for businesses.

  • Well written content attracts more audience.
  • Stunning social media designs.
  • Landing page design and integration.

We here at Insignia Business Solutions understands that how you can drive more traffic towards your business through capitalizing this social media stream as we have been doing this for so many businesses around the globe. We have proven strategies and roadmaps towards success. There could be different goals for each business. You might want to get brand awareness, are you have an ecommerce store so each set of business requires a different approach because our online behaviours are deeply associated with our traditions, culture, personal traits and human psychology. We address them all quite efficiently.

Our Process

Our comprehensive SEO strategy ensures increase in ranking in different search engines.


Consult with client and collecting information than arrange them is way that it can be used to draw an outline for your social media campaign is an important element. When strategize the campaign we pay special attention to the goals of which our customers want to obtain through our campaigns. This could be the brand awareness, increase sales, Go viral or simple creating a bridge between you and your customers.

All these steps would help us to evaluate the right set of metrics so we could track the success rate of our campaigns. Creating the right set of balance between promotional content and knowledge base content is a key when it comes to your SMM success. Our goal is to Look for different options and ways to elaborate your expertise and knowledge as a thought leader in your industry.

design process


Now once we have crafted our strategy for your social media campaign now it’s time to clean up your existing social media profile and optimize it the way we required. Making these adjustments are so obvious because if user find your posts candid than he would scroll all the way to your first ever post so each of your content type should reflect your brand.

There are different types of posts such as photos, videos, Gifs and so much more and each social media type is designed to boost Specific content type so its important that what kind of media we are sharing. After finalizing all these things we launch campaigns are monitor them on continuous basis to evaluate the results.

seo process


Social media Monitoring and tracking is of the most beneficial and efficient way for measuring the performance of social media marketing initiatives and campaigns. This methodology allows your organization to quantify the success of each campaign and help determine which are the most vital in driving leads. Such Metrics obtained from tracking also provide actionable insights into which platforms are most effective at reaching your customers. If your Facebook campaigns are more result oriented than Twitter or Instagram than definitely we’ll allocate more resources to facebook and will identify that what areas to cover while advertising on other social media channels.

One of the other most interesting and fruiting impact of measuring metrics is to determine your most loyal customers and than awarding them with different promotions and vouchers as this could not help you to retail your existing customers but it would also entice other potential customers as well. Reaching out to the right Social media influencers for your business would also be easy after evaluating metrics and insights and single influencer can drive enormous traffic and brand awareness to your business.

seo process