Why is Social Media Marketing an Optimum Strategy?

Social Media Marketing is a brilliant strategy to promote your business online. It assists social networks to engage your customers with your products and services. Undoubtedly, it is the ideal marketing strategy for increasing your brand's awareness.

  • To grow your targeted audience
  • An improved customer service
  • It will help your industry to keep up with trends

In today’s world, digital marketing has much to offer than just posting on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Verily, advertisement campaigns are a great source to share your brand’s story. The social networking sites have a categorized audience that spends most of their time on the platform. As per the reports, there are 4.48 billion social media account users. So, your customer is out there. All you have to do is curate a competitive digital marketing strategy that will make a difference and directly impact your traffic spikes.

The 5 W’s of Social Media Marketing:

Our agency follows 5W’s for attainable and relevant results


‘Why’ covers the goals and mission of your brand campaign. It sheds light on why people should buy from your company.


Focuses on our target audience, keeping in mind for whom we are designing a marketing campaign.


‘Where’ emphasizes the availability and location of your audience on different social platforms. It provides you with the scope of your audience.


“When” focuses on scheduling your social media posts and tweets.


“What” measures the purpose of your business. It encompasses the voice of your brand and defines user behavior.

Our Media Marketing Process

Our exclusive social media marketing plan follows the strategic procedure for higher conversion rates.


Our digital marketingcampaign has helped many businesses in generating new leads. Our digital marketers audit your ongoing social presence. Our audit plan contributes to pointing out which platform is contributing towards ROI. We highlight the social platform where your potential customers locate. Besides, we built our campaign around those ideal customers’ personas. This way helps us to increase organic followers

We at Insignia Business Solutions look for different options in drafting the best marketing mission statement. We create content that can generate a buzz against every product. Moreover, we implement the best management tools to run advertisement campaigns. Further, analyzing all the key metrics involved in generating revenues.



After tailoring our marketing format for each platform. We arrive at the preparation phase, where we set our posts for any CTA and sharing scope. We polish images, videos, and ad-copy so that they can click your audience instantly. At Insignia Business Solutions, we have a skilled team of marketers that will make your ad stand out.

The launch phase of the digital marketing campaign mainly centered around preparation and set-up. Besides, our online marketers use hashtags, so your content nature is evident to targeted users.



We track our success to optimize and update social media campaigns. Our marketers are proficient in improving key metrics to achieve higher ROI. We get the insights, where the campaign holds any room for improvement. For tracking, social media marketing agency employs many advanced tools like Hootsuite and Digimind. These tools help in tracking trends and social gaps. So, we can optimize campaigns successfully.



Reporting is the final submission of campaign performance to our clients. The formulated document highlights which campaign strategy is most effective in increasing lead generation. Our reporting monitors the key metrics where the targeted audience shows greater involvement and which platform is driving more traffic. The statistics help our digital markets to analyze the insights of social media activities on cross-platforms.