13 June , 2023

Google Launches Generative AI Search- What You Need to Know so far?

AI has significantly impacted our lives, and now Google, a direct competitor to OpenAI, is once again making waves with the introduction of a generative AI search experience. While Google recently launched Bard, an AI tool similar to ChatGPT, the integration of generative AI within the search window will have implications for SEO. This raises the question: should we be worried about this?......


02 June , 2023

11 E-commerce Site Features that Will Skyrocket Your Business

You might be looking to sell your products online or wants to set up an online business store. But what if we tell you that an all-in-one fully functional eCommerce platform can fulfill all your customer's needs in one go? Great products require a quality website to make a significant amount of sales through an e-commerce platform......

Packet sniffing

05 May , 2023

AI and LMS: The Dynamic Duo Transforming eLearning Industry

Picture a world where every student receives a personalized learning experience tailored to their unique needs and abilities. We owe a great deal to advancements in artificial intelligence, this once far-fetched idea is becoming a reality in the eLearning industry, revolutionizing the way we approach education and paving the way for a more efficient and smart learning experience.....

Packet sniffing

10 April , 2023

The Ethics of Packet Sniffing: Is It Legal and Ethical to Sniff Network Traffic?

Have you ever wondered how hackers gain access to sensitive information on your network? It all starts with packet sniffing. This technique allows hackers to intercept and analyze network traffic, giving them the ability to steal data, infiltrate systems, and cause chaos. However, packet sniffing isn't just a tool for cybercriminals. It's also an essential tool for ethical hackers, network security analysts, and even digital forensics experts.....

Dot net 7 updates

15 February , 2023

.NET 7: A Quick Overview of What’s New

NET7 is the latest version of Microsoft’s .NET Framework, which enables developers to build applications for the Windows operating system. NET7 includes enhancements to the CLR (Common Language Runtime) and the addition of the new Roslyn compiler....

AI-powered Cybersecurity

01 February , 2023

AI-Powered Cybersecurity: The Next Level of Digital Defense

As the world becomes increasingly digital, the threat of cyberattacks continues to grow. With traditional security measures, such as firewalls and antivirus software, no longer enough to protect against sophisticated attacks, AI has become a valuable tool in the fight against cybercrime....

ChatGPT- A sensational technology

16 January , 2023

ChatGPT- A Sensational Technology for the AI World

Everyone is obsessed with this new bot in town. Yes, the ”ChatGPT” taking the internet by storm. Its popularity can be analyzed from the fact that since OpenAI made the app live in November, It has gained 1 million users in 7 days, which even WhatsApp did in 2 years. Mind-blowing?...

NFT in Crypto ecosystem 2023

28 December , 2022

Where does NFT Stand in the Crypto-Fueled Ecosystem in 2023?

NFTs' popularity has been around for a few years now. With the crash of cryptocurrency, the fate of the NFT market is on the fence. According to Arca data, the value of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has decreased by around 83% since the 2022 commencement.....

Metaverse and Human-AI efficiency

22 November , 2022

How Things are Heating up in the Metaverse World Powered by Human-AI Efficiency?

A three-dimensional virtual environment is becoming immensely popular. Metaverse technology related to the metaverse has found its home in the new digital era where everything loves to be connected. A virtual environment that formerly required a virtual reality headset to access....

Smart Contract in Blockchain

06 October , 2022

Smart Contract - The bedrock of the Blockchain Ecosystem

The world has experienced a hype loss in the most popular technology, blockchain. Despite the crash of the 2018 blockchain technology in the database industry, mainstream adoption is very much still advancing. The smart contract, however, is one area where blockchain technology...

Internet of behaviors- IoB- 2023

19 September , 2022

Internet of Behaviors- the Next Big Thing in Tech Trends 2023

This may sound creepy, but today's major corporations are nearly always aware of their customers' likes, dislikes, and interests when they make a purchase or intent to do so. The question arises of how they collect the relevant information. They do so with the aid of the enormously popular...

Fleet Management System

02 September , 2022

Everything You Need to Know About the Fleet Management System

You might have wondered how successful giants like uber or careem keeps track of their vehicles and customers. Software for fleet management facilitates them in doing so. Either you own a rental business or a large fleet to keep track of moving vehicles. Well to work like a pro on such a...

Booster foods for a techie

24 August , 2022

7 Productivity Booster Foods for a Techie

Being an IT tech, it is common to feel drained at work. The nature of the job demands a quick booster fix to retain your productivity at work. Not only a mindful diet is essential but having quick energy boosters determines a reasonable difference. If you are a software specialist or a system administrator and experiencing exhaustion while sitting at your work desk, you don’t need to worry anymore ...

Bionic writing technique

23 August , 2022

Why is the Bionic Writing Technique Making the Headlines?

Who doesn't want to have a time-turner in their life? A device that can help you save precious time. Well, here we are going to share with you an amazing way to maximize your time. And yes, even squeeze an extra hour out of every hour! So how are we gonna achieve that? The answer is the Bionic technique. A document written in a bionic way will drastically enhance...

Time management at work

17 August , 2022

Is Time Management at Work Stressing you Out?

When you are overwhelmed by life's demands and wish to make the most of your efforts and priorities, it is easy to feel stressed about time management. To set your priorities aligned, there are simple steps that you can take which will bring much-needed relief. You probably feel like you're always missing out on your deadline, and it's incredibly frustrating ...

Agile vs Scrum

11 August, 2022

Agile vs Scrum: A distinctive software development phases analysis

In the Agile development process, the product is based on incremental builds. The incremental strategy assists in dividing the project into fundamental sprints. A sprint is a period in which the project is completed. The purpose of slicing down the product is to monitor the work at each sprint...

SDLC- Software development Lifecycle

25 July, 2022

What is SDLC? Essential Phases of Software Development LifeCycle

ISDLC is the methodology that ensures high-quality and efficient software development architecture. The process specifies a structured plan to develop, design, and test software applications with cost-effective and responsive techniques. Moreover, deploying the SDLC model...

Habits of successful employees

06 July, 2022

Habits of Highly Successful Employees in the Workplace

It's no secret that healthy personality traits are the key to fostering professionalism. Do you recall Stephen Covey's 7 habits of highly effective people, where he demonstrates how adopting the golden habits can constructively impact our lives? Since great minds in the world have focused on creating a winning culture in the office....

Productivity secrets for techies

23 June, 2022

5 Productivity Secrets for a Software Developer

Software developers are no stranger to having a lot on their plate. With deadlines, client requests, and unexpected issues, it can be hard to stay on top of everything. However, in this blog, we are going to share five secrets that will proactively impact your life as a developer. We understand how important it is for web/mob developers...

Converging technologies 2023

14 June, 2022

What’s the Hype About Converging Technologies Expected to Transform our Future?

The rapid advancements in technology have transformed the way we live. The technological evolution the world is experiencing for over a decade has drastically impacted our lives. Before the 1960s, engineers didn't know....

4 Laws of system thinking

13 June, 2022

4 Laws of System Thinking to Become a Better Decision-Maker

The art of understanding the dynamics of nature lies in system thinking. So what exactly is the system thinking and why is it making the stir among business leaders? It provides you with a better grasp of the wider issue, and how your company can solve it. When it comes to problem-solving at work, the leaders use a systematic approach....

Software development framework guide

18 May, 2022

Ultimate Guide: The Right Software Development Technology Framework in 2022

The software development tools and technologies are diversifying in-depth and usage at a rapid pace. Before deploying any web framework for application development, developers must consider....

Remotely managing workforce

9 May, 2022

5 Ways to Manage your Remote Workforce more Efficiently

Ever wondered why the remote workforce is becoming a new normal? As per industry observance, “this is the largest change in America since World War II”.Ever since the pandemic has hit the world, the majority of employers have shifted their workforce to telecommuting....

Cloud-based POS software

21 April, 2022

Why is cloud-based POS management software the right option for inventory businesses?

To compete with the growing industry needs, it is essential to synchronize your data in a secure cloud as it provides convenient solutions for complex inventories. All businesses must ....

E-commerce mobile applications

18 April, 2022

How E-commerce Mobile Applications are Transforming Retail Businesses?

Retail businesses are driving immense sales via deploying mobile development approach. The retail corporation is an indispensable segment of consumers' life. With a flourished mobile development e-commerce industry, businesses win customers'...

Why Ionic framework for app development?

15 April, 2022

Reasons to Choose the Ionic Framework for App Development

If you are looking to develop a featured-rich hybrid app with a lucrative interface, the Ionic framework should be the ultimate development solution. The Ionic SDK released in 2013, uses robust languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript....

Outsourcing benefits

04 April, 2022

Why is Outsourcing Gaining Popularity Among Successful Companies?

Amidst growing technology trends, practicing outsourcing has changed the dynamics of the IT industry. So, what is outsourcing, and why are big...

Custom software development strategy

28 March, 2022

5 Reasons Why Custom Software Development is the Most Demanding Business Strategy

As modern problems require modern solutions, many entrepreneurs prefer to resolve their web-based complex issues via credible software development strategies.