What is Fleet Management Software?

A fleet(vehicle) management software assists vehicle-driven companies in organizing and monitoring real-time vehicle status. The rental business is a daunting task if you manually manage your fleet. However, we provide our customers with a custom solution to get speedy insights into their vehicle rent to drive/own/loan statuses. Our web application keeps an eagle eye on the key performance indicators such as expenses details and payment statistics. The software application ensures enhanced fleet productivity and maintains installment records.

Our fleet management system specifications:

  • Central fleet administration platform
  • Vehicle booking status
  • Contract agreement
  • Vehicle income and expense reports
  • Profit loss analysis
  • License expiry report
  • Return contract

We collect the client’s data, renter contact details, vehicle model, and registration number along with its ongoing operational status. Thorough contract documentation is generated for credible renting of vehicles. Software facilitates keeping databases on one platform so that fleet managers can access vehicle activity in a disciplined and secure way.

Once you deploy our smart transportation services, renter customers can use the vehicle for rent and are liable to return it at the end of the agreed time span. Moreover, rent to own is available after the complete installments of lease payments. Subsequently, the record is updated in closed contracts.

Why is cloud management software essential for fleet businesses?

It’s important to have robust software that accelerates your daily fleet operations with dynamic features and functionality. We provide fleet management web services that allow companies to monitor their transport in real-time activity. From improving financial efficiency to reducing operating costs, fleet maintenance application ensures your rental business drives measurable profits. Following are the reasons why your company must incorporate a cloud-based fleet management module.

  • Real-time visibility
  • Streamline administrative processes
  • Identify vehicle efficiency
  • Manage fleet remotely
  • Automates routing
  • Fleet service management

Strengthening fleet management businesses

Besides enhanced visibility, a real-time saas application unfolds tremendous benefits to your fleet business. Let's analyze how incorporating management software into your fleet operation tasks will strengthen your company.

  • Maximize fleet manager satisfaction
  • Streamline administrative processes
  • System quantitative support
  • Loan/rental payment report
  • Lower operational cost
  • Fast communication
  • Exclusive return documentation
  • Expense administration
  • Fleet maintenance risk control

Essential features of our fleet management system

The application allows prompt and cost-effective features to regulate your fleet. Our fleet system maintains buyers/RTO or loan vehicle agreements including bond duration, renter information, and finance agreements. It supports fleet managers in maintaining fleet documentation and maintenance factors that depict the overall stability of the automobile. Our web application encompasses the following features that a fleet manager might be looking for:

  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Purchase or rental installment data
  • Expense surveillance
  • Maintains vehicles purchase/rental history
  • Manage payment statistics