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Let’s understand what SEO is before diving straight to the SEO services we offer. So SEO is a process of driving organic traffic to your website through SERPs. Suppose if you are selling custom made leather shoes online and your potential customers are already searching these shoes on search engines e.g. Google, Bing but your website is not appearing in search results then your are missing one big source of leads. SEO is one of the most effective and long term strategy for the success of any business.

  • Get free SEO audit.
  • Thorough optimization to increase rank.
  • Keywords and landing page integration.

According to a research, about 67,000 to 70,000 searches are performed in every single second and 93% of all online experiences initiates with a search engine so this is just a glimpse of the power of search engine and how much we do rely on this in our daily lives. As compared to other marketing channels to exhibit your business to your clients and get legitimate leads, the SEO is more reliable and cost effective. We urge every single website owner to invest in this most fruitful channel to drive traffic to your website.

Our SEO Process

Our comprehensive SEO strategy ensures increase in ranking in different search engines.


The very first step we perform to draw the outline of your SEO strategy is the Search Engine Audit of your web application (if its an existing website). In this process we identify all the weak links of the site and its friendliness with modern search engines. We split this audit into two sections: One is the manual review where our experts take a manual review of website and make report off all the required actions such as immediate fixes and updates.

In the second, half we use various tools to identify the progress of a website. It helps us to identify that in which areas we need to focus more and from where we should start because there are so many things involved in SEO like page speed, optimization, user experience and user interface.

seo process


On the basis of SEO audit and after consulting with the client, we make a priority list and define strategy to run the SEO campaign. As discussed earlier, that there are various factors in SEO which demands a similar obligation. So first of all we pay attention to the design elements and if there are some tweaks required to make it more user friendly. After design we move to the valid, neat and clean code because we understand that better code means the site is more optimized.

After these aforementioned steps we create a list of all topics of the website which would help us to find our relevant keywords. We divide these keywords into primary and long tail keywords. After creating our list of topics we draw a blueprint of associated pages like which pages should target any specific set of keywords. These pages would be linked to each other to pass link juice. After setting up this initial strategy we work for sources of backlinks as it is one of the most important part for ranking organically.

design process


So now we have defined a strategy for the SEO campaign and this is the time to execute it. First of all its important to register the site with search engines themselves as Google provides various tools for this. One of them is Google search console or Google webmasters tool which is the most comprehensive resource available out there. We first define different variants of your site and make it mobile friendly because nowadays it’s almost mandatory for every web application to be responsive and google pays strong positive signals towards sites which are mobile view optimized.

Afterwards we define the targeted audience for your website like if you are targeting any specific country then we manually index all of sites pages and fix all the issues which are preventing pages to be indexed on search engines. There could be several of them like if text is not readable on mobile devices or page takes too long to load. One other important factor for local businesses is “Schema” as it helps Search engines to understand the page type and services which are being offered. So now you have an idea that there are so many things to consider while executing a successful SEO campaign.

seo process


In “SEO” industry there’s a famous saying that “Content is the King” of all the right reasons. A beautifully designed website, neat and clean code, so many backlinks and social media campaigns are nothing without content. Because users are visiting your website because they are looking to find answers to their questions or their needs and if you are not providing them then you are not giving any value through your website.

So an optimized content is a must have thing in SEO. There are so many techniques in curating best content and we are experienced in writing result oriented and traffic driven content. For any website page there should be an optimized Meta title and description. All of the content should be divided into logical sections. Users should be able to navigate to any of the section with two clicks on a single page. All these segments are vital in content writing because a well written article or product description itself works like a charm to increase organic reach of your site.

seo process


Once your Search engine optimization campaign has kick started, now it’s time to keep an eye on stats. So here at Insignia Business Solutions we believe in transparency and honesty and to attain this we provide regular reports to our clients so they can track our efforts and rankings of their sites for targeted and long tail keywords.

Such reports helps us and our customers to not only track our success but also to write future strategies based upon these results. It also help our customers to identify that what kind of experiments are more fruitful as compare to others. Where they should invest more to seize available opportunities.

seo process