Why is the Bionic Writing Technique Making the Headlines?

Who doesn't want to have a time-turner in their life? A device that can help you save precious time. Well, here we are going to share with you an amazing way to maximize your time. And yes, even squeeze an extra hour out of every hour! So how are we gonna achieve that? The answer is the Bionic technique. A document written in a bionic way will drastically enhance your speed to process and read the text.

Before we shed light on how the bionic functional method will change the way we read, let’s see what exactly is bionic and why it's going viral.

What is the Bionic Writing Approach?

The phrase "bionic" is derived from the word bios (life) and technology (technology). We blend the human brain, a natural phenomenon, with our reading technology. As a result, "the Bionic method" exists.

It is based on the innovative concept that since your brain already has a large number of words stored in it, it will automatically detect the complete word by just reading the initial 2-3 letters. Isn’t it incredible?

Take a peek at how the bionic mode improves the reading experience.

Bionic writing technique

Did you just speed-read that? This is the bionic reading style you had just experienced.

Bionic Writing: Unlocking 100% of Your Brain:

A UX writer on Twitter expresses his cheerfulness in words that it’s astonishing how bionic reading feels like finally unlocking 100% of your brain. That is the power of content written in Bionic.

Renato Casutt, a Swiss typographic designer, founded the concept of bionic reading. The typographic highlights guide our eyes to read swiftly through the text.

You must have gone through the images on social media where you have to stare at the black dot for 30 seconds, and when overlooking an empty wall, an unexpected image flashed across your eye. That is because our brain recognizes patterns way faster than our eyes do. A similar phenomenon helps readers concentrate on the essentials, and the bionic letters will do their job.

Is Bionic Reading Worth Trying?

This method is found to be expedient in removing your eye strain while reading. Worldwide 10% of the population has significant difficulties reading and comprehending texts. With bionic, your reading experience will be elevated to a new horizon. The game-changing way is to develop readers' interest in reading. The cherry on top is that there are some bionic conversion tools and web extensions that you can install and make your clock tick slower while you speed-read the article.

Focused Reading Experience:

It allows you to focus on what the message is in the context. It's a relaxing approach to reading since the brain instinctively focuses on the first few words and stuffs the rest. As your brain reads more quickly than your eye. It helps you to keep focused no matter how puzzled or distracted your surroundings become. With bionic, your attention will always be on the context.

Key Takeaway:

This new piece of reading technique has a long way to go, and we might not be surprised if it becomes another big thing in Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and UI/UX applications design. We are confident that until now, you are convinced enough to give this innovative approach a go right now. After reading an article formatted in bionic, you will be amazed to see how you have comprehended more and read much faster.